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Skyline UAV Pty Ltd are proud to operate the RMAX Unmanned Helicopter.

Need to access remote or dangerous areas?

RMAX is the solution. RMAX offers a cost effective, accurate and efficient spraying with zero soil compaction. Spend 100% of your time over the target. Plus, there’s no pilot to worry about. Providing exponential productivity and operator safety improvements, the Yamaha RMAX will revolutionise noxious weed control across NSW.

Yamaha developed its first unmanned helicopter in 1983 in Japan, as a counter-revolving, dual rotor system known as RCASS. It was created to dust rice paddies which were becoming increasingly diffucult for full size helicopters to access due to the increasing number of buildings and infrastructure built in farming areas. This evolved into a scale helicopter model in 1990, called the “Yamaha Aero Robot R-50”. This machine could dust rice paddies in 1/15th the time it took the human workforce to complete the same task manually.

The RMAX platform was launched in October of 1997 and although improvements have been made over the years, its performance and reliability ensures it remains the model of choice today, with over 2,400 units in operation in Japan.

Overall length of the craft is 3.63 metres and it is powered by a 246cc two stroke twin cylinder engine, producing 85dB of noise. Duration is 45 to 60 minutes, consuming 6 litres of 2 stroke fuel in that time, depending upon payload and flight manoeuvres.  Payload capacity is 28kg which after allowing for the spray pump, provides a 16 litre chemical capacity across its two 8 litre quick change cassettes. The spray bar is 1.5 metres wide and the rotor blades have been engineered with static inboard flaps to provide a dynamic rotary downwash to minimise spray drift.  

From a safety viewpoint, the best feature of an unmanned helicopter is that it does not carry a pilot. Therefore, no crew members are injured even if a accident were to occur. Additionally, the RMAX is never flown above people, or populous areas. As it travels at only 20km/h, at an altitude of 3-4 metres means there is very little chance of property being damaged. 

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