Helicopter Pilot Training

Newcastle and the Hunter's premier helicopter pilot training school. Have you always dreamed of flying a helicopter? Whether your interested in flying for fun or as a career, we offer helicopter pilot training for private and commercial students.


Whether you are interested in obtaining a Private (PPL) or Commercial licence (CPL) or converting from a fixed wing aircraft, we have developed a total learning package at our Pilot Training School to suit every student.

We appreciate that it is difficult to decide whether or not to invest your future time and money in becoming a helicopter pilot which is why we recommend that you make your decision after you have experienced firsthand the excitement of flying a helicopter. You can do this by booking a Trial Introductory Flight (T.I.F).  This is a flight where you will sit next to an instructor in a Robinson R22 or R44 with dual controls fitted. This initial flight gives you time on the controls and will count towards your flight hours if you decide to proceed with your training.

Come and visit us and meet our staff as we provide you with a guided tour of our training school. You can check out the helicopters and ask us questions to see if this if the lifestyle for you. Please call us on (02) 4945 1491 to arrange a convenient time.


Matt Hall
Red Bull Air Race Aerobatic Pilot
Director Matt Hall Racing


I have had a lot of experience in being instructed in aviation, from my beginnings as a teenage glider pilot, through the Military on jets, and on international unlimited aerobatics. The last round of instruction I undertook was with Skyline Aviation, converting my fixed wing CPL to a rotary wing CPL.  The instructors took all the good points from my previous training courses, and put it into one.

Overall, I found it to be the most enjoyable learning experience I have had in the aviation industry, all the while maintaining that “military like” expectation for accuracy and professionalism that I am used to. I would recommend them to anybody; from a teenager through to a very experienced fix wing pilot. Drop in and have a chat with the crew to understand what they can do for you.

Endorsements and Ratings

If you already hold a Commercial or Private helicopter license, we can look after you with further training such as Sling Endorsements, Night Ratings and other training to advance your career and flying skills.