Aerial Photography and Filming

Our team of experienced pilots will help you capture the perfect shot every time.


Our pilots have years of experience with both aerial photography and filming so they understand the requirements of a photographer and know how to assist them to obtain the best shot possible. Our pilots also have detailed knowledge of the local area. Our experience with aerial photography includes:

  • Landscape photographers
  • Private and commercial real estate photography
  • Tourism campaigns
  • Sporting events
  • DPI  marine surveys

Skyline is also happy to offer photography tours for amateur groups of up to 3 people.


As a professional photographer, I have had an association with this company since it was first founded in 1995 and having flown many thousands of hours with them, I am able to access their ability at close quarters.  Skyline has many long term & experienced pilots, all of whom have an intimate knowledge of the needs of a photographers and/or camera crews in terms of aircraft position, light and shadows. In addition, they understand the importance of working within tight budget constraints.  I highly recommend Skyline as a safe and professional company.

Phil Mobbs



Recent examples of productions we have worked on include:

  • Sunday Night program Channel 7
  • Channel 7 news:  Bushfire coverage
  • Shark360 Discovery Channel
  • Hunter Water Promotional Video