Helicopter Lifting Services

Australia's premier aerial crane company.

Helicopter Lifting Services provides air and ground crew management to ensure your next lifting job is safety compliant and will be conducted with a minimum of fuss.


HLS is a part of the Skyline Aviation Group of companies and our team has worked on private domestic jobs as well as multi million dollar jobs including Sydney’s Desalination plant, The Cotter Dam Project in Canberra and power station refurbishments both local and interstate.

Over the years the members at HLS have been involved in lifting a variety of loads, including:
Pools, spas, pianos, furniture, statues, glass sheets, housing materials, air conditioners, signage, drilling rigs excavators, landscape supplies, site containers, power poles, water tanks and many more.


Founded in 2009 Helicopter Lifting Services Directors have managed some of the highest profile and challenging helicopter lifting operations seen by the Australian construction industry.

Managing Director Lee Mitchell attained his helicopter license in 2000 and has retained a perfect safety record for lifting operations with over 13 years experience.

Lee’s outside the box thinking and expertise with aerial rigging solutions have allowed HLS and its staff to overcome heavy lift planning situations that would usually stop other crews from progressing with a difficult task.

Director of Operations Mat Edwards has extensive experience in heavy lift planning and execution. With a military aviation background mats discipline and attention to detail has allowed his career in the civil sector to soar, planning and executing some of the most difficult built up area helicopter construction operations seen in Australia to date.

HLS has an extensive team of experienced full time and contract pilots and riggers, all with the appropriate licensing and WH&S Training and certificates, on call 24hrs a day for any job.

Helicopter Lifting Services operate under the Skyline Aviation Group AOC CASA.TAAOC.0298-23. We are a crane company that uses helicopters and our business scope is to provide our high profile commercial clients with a faster, cheaper and safer alternative to conventional crane operations.